Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Since a long AB is forcing me to write something but I am not able to think anything to write. The days passing by and I feel something is pulling me away from all that I like to do. Never read Joseph Heller's "Catch - 22" but now I thoroughly understood the meaning of it!

It's difficult to make choice between good and bad, frnds and family and so on! Choice are many but not able to select one! Dunno why but I just hate this. May be I am not used to such scenarios or may be I am lost in my own...

Ray of hope is not visible and things are becoming complicated day by day...

Solutions are many but it's difficult to adopt one...being a consultant I should be problem solver but can't solve my own!!

Dunno what I am writing but this is what I feel

This it for now from Nomad's desk

Rest you comment!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Through My Lenses!

Few days back I came across the photo blog of one of my friend and it gave me inspiration to start one. I feel its effective way to convey the message without writing a single world.

As per one research paper human being can remember up to 80% what they see so here I go.....

I am not a good photographer but I am passionately pursuing photography as a hobby. because of my work profile I am traveling to various places and it is giving me a chance to capture many things.

Here are the two different photographs from two different place (One is somewhere in Africa and another is from somewhere in India). Have look and leave your comments. (what you feel about it, what are the similarities, etc)

Based on the responses I will get, I can share few more photographs.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Where am I heading?

Today I read a blog written by my friend Aakash and he really made me think where am I heading?

I am very confused at this point of time! I don't know what exactly I want from life? Don’t know what I really want to do in life?

I am a consultant by profession but do I really enjoy this work? I don't have an answer for this!

Sometimes I feel that I should build a tree house in deep forest and have lots of books (No more management books!) with me.

I want to be isolated from rest of world and indulge myself in reading, but at the same time I am thinking whether I really need financial stability first to enjoy such luxury?

Every person has some goals in their life but for me it's difficult to justify my goals. I am living a nomadic life and do my routine job just like a robot.

Don’t know when the day will come when I will wake up with excitement to do something which I really enjoy! Don’t know when the day will come when I don’t have to think what to do next?

Hope, the day will come for sure when I will know what I want to do in life.

But, as of now don’t know where am I heading?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Bechara YOUNGISTAN....

This is a story of Nick. He recently passed out from one of the best B-School in India with flying colours. He is an engineer and now MBA in Marketing. He also worked for a leading MNC for around 2.5 years before his MBA. He was very lucky even in this recessionary market and got a good offer from one of the leading telecom company during placement season.

Today I got a call from him and he said he is not happy with his current job! He joined this company three months back with great hope, but suddenly he feels it is waste of time! He doesn’t like the job profile and now he is hoping for another job.

Since last few days, many times I’ve come across this type of answers. Almost all of my friends were giving me the similar answers. Some of them are not happy with their profile, some of them are not happy with compensation and some of them have location problems! I was wondering, whether it’s an individual’s problem or something else?

Whether our Youngistan’s expectations are too high or they are really in trouble?

Whether it is a real effect of recession or companies are just cashing on the ground of recession?

Whether it’s a story of my friend Nick or common for many Nick?

Many more questions and thoughts are running through my mind but I think it’s enough for now!

I would be happy if all of you will share your thoughts here.

So waiting for your comments guys, c’mon!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Traffic or Tragedy?? (From Nairobi to Ahmedabad)

Since last few days I am back in Ahmedabad and I am pissed off with our great “Amdavadi driving style”. People drives “Bindass”, they neither care about their fellow commuters nor care about any rules and regulations. That results into traffic jams, accidents and chaos at every junction.

Now a day, I am often travelling to Kenya for my consulting assignments. So I’ve got a change to compare traffic conditions of both the cities and believe me it sucks everywhere! Both the cities have different set of problems that result into pathetic traffic conditions.

Just to brief you about Nairobi, It has highest number of Mercedes – Benz outside Germany. It is also a big market for refurbished (used) Japanese cars (as per my assumption every 8 out of 10 cars are the refurbished one!). Here, people prefers car because of security reasons. Now a day you will find few Chinese and Indian motorbikes on the road but the ratio is negligible as compared to cars.

If we talk about Nairobi, Infrastructure is almost zero and roads are the same what it was in 1975. Number of cars has been increased drastically but there is hardly any traffic signal! Every road has a series of traffic islands which creates further chaos!!

The moment you enter Nairobi, your first encounter with traffic jams will start from airport itself. The Mombasa Road is very famous for its bad traffic situations; one day it took me 2 hrs just to travel half a kilometre on Mombasa road. Overall traffic situation is almost same across Nairobi, the major reasons for traffic jam are rain, bad road conditions, accidents, MATATUs (Domestic mean of transport) and sometimes police officials themselves!

I would like to quote my encounter with traffic cops, one day there was a traffic jam on Enterprise Road and my driver was following the lane but to save my time he tried to change the lane. Suddenly a policeman came in front of my car, beat my driver and throw away my car’s keys! My driver took 25 minutes to search the keys and during that time my car was idle at the middle of the road; which results into a long file of cars behind me!!

Despite all the odds, traffic sense of the people is far better than Ahmedabad. People are generally following their lanes (except the great MATATU drivers!) and almost zero honking. As one of my colleague “Shri. Borse Bhai” rightly said it’s a serene traffic jam!

On the other side, Ahmadabad’s infrastructure is far better. Wider roads, traffic signals, flyovers, subways; it has everything - a city should have for better traffic management. But it is its people (Including me) who all are responsible for chaotic situation at every junction. People doesn’t have any traffic sense, they drive like crazy!

If someone can conduct a survey on noise pollution level, I am confident that Ahmedabad will top. Here, everyone loves honking. Even if you stop at red light; person behind your car will keep on honking. This is really a very pathetic and typical habit of Amdavadis (Person belongs to Ahmedabad)!

Amdavadi loves breaking traffic rules and they act like they accomplished some great task, but because of all these they make it worst for the person who follows the traffic rules!

In conclusion, I can say it’s better to stuck in Nairobi’s serene traffic jam than drive into so called world class Ahmedabad!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kenya Diaries... (Part III)

June 15:
It’s Sunday and full of fun. I have been to my cousin’s place and enjoy delicious traditional food. I’ve also took a small round of Nairobi town and it was fantabulous!! I visited nearly all happening places of Nairobi i.e. Diamond Plaza, Village Market, Nakumatt Westgate, yaya center etc. Diamond Plaza is basically a market for Asian community where you will find a solution for all your need; Delicious Indian food, jewelry shops, tailors, grocery shops etc. I even visit a vegetable market and surprisingly Kenyan vendors try to convince customer in Guajarati and Hindi!
June 16:
Oh! It’s very difficult to wake up on Monday but I’ve to… I’ve started my trip towards Embu and Siakago at 6 AM and reached Embu by 8.30 AM. Here we had a meeting with our largest distributor and discuss a lot on women groups and their working style. We reached Siakago at somewhere around 12.30 PM and meet a women group’s leader. We also managed to bag some order from her. We come back to Embu by 3.00 PM and we had a meeting with another group leader over a lunch. We left Embu at 4.30 PM for Nairobi but our car had some mechanical problem we stuck on the highway! Somehow we managed to resolve it and reached Nairobi at 8.30 PM. It was very looong day for me.
June 17:
It’s bit relaxing after a day long trip to Mt. Kenya region. I’ve a meeting with KADET people at 2.00 PM so no more work in first half! Meeting was good and we finalized 3 road shows in Central and Western Kenya. We also work out new strategies on road shows and promotion of our products. It was over by 4.30 PM and I managed to reach home early. I hosted a booze party to myself as no one is there to give me a company!!!
June 18:
It was an ordinary day for me. In morning I had a brief meeting with Mr. Paul Madoc, company’s exclusive designer and Innovator (Don’t laugh guys here word “Innovation” is not so popular…lol!). He takes me through various functions of organization, Product knowledge, work functions etc. It was very informative session for me. Post lunch I prepared a proposal for tomorrow’s meeting with MANDELEO (NGO). That’s all for the day!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kenya Diaries.... (Part II)

June 12:
Second day at office!
My boss allotted me a mentor Mrs. Magdaline; she has been working in rural areas especially among women groups since 1996 so it will be a great help for me to understand rural market. I got a cell connection today so now I am connected with friends and family. The whole day I spent in making presentation on given assignment. It was another boring day for me; let’s see what comes in to my way tomorrow!
June 13:
Oh! Another good day at office…I got my next week’s schedule; I will have to travel throughout the Kenya next whole week. It will be fun, I hope! I have to visit many NGOs and SHGs and try to understand their working style and company’s position among those groups. I met a German delegation working for UNICEF they are here in Kenya since last six months and working in eastern Kenya where >70% of the population is below poverty line and most of the region affected by insurgencies, because the province is bordering with Somalia. Now I am just waiting for weekend to come so that I can have some good break!!
June 14:
It’s Saturday and I have to work for half day somehow it gives me a feeling of our own Indian work culture; but the only difference here is people are more relaxed and come on work on Saturday for just sake of it. No one is bothered to work on Saturday but still they follow the rituals by attending office on Saturday. For next whole week I am on tour so not sure about when can I get a time to write, but let’s hope for the best…..